Friday, August 12, 2011

A Short Nap Situation

Let me clarify a few things before you see the pictures below. Please do not skip

He is not hurt. At all.

He was eating ravioli and it was not hot, just warm.

He does have a little temper occasionally.

His nap was a little bit short.

With that said, prepare yourself a tissue this breaks my heart, but it was funny because no one was hurt.

The scene: We are eating ravioli and I try give him one more from my plate to his tray. Just as I manage to get it to the tray it slips off the fork, onto the side of the tray, hits the top of his foot, and lands in the floor.

At first he just stares at me and I laugh at my clumsiness and the mess I've made. He gives me this solemn look like, what are you laughing at? After I finish laughing at the mess, I turn to go get a dish cloth to wipe up the mess. As I reach into the sink for the dish cloth he then proceeds to cry.

Witness the scene below. Spoiler alert: It's sad.

I run back because I'm surprised, and to see what is wrong. I check his mouth for food, maybe he bit his tongue, but there is no food. I look him over for any other affliction but he is the same as I left him 10 seconds earlier. I never left the room!

"What happened?" I asked but it just made him mad at that point, so I grabbed the camera to take a quick picture... or three.

Maybe, he thought I was leaving him alone at the table to eat all alone.
Maybe, he was a little mad at me for making a mess on his foot.

I attribute his reaction to a short nap that he woke from in a bad mood. 

I was completely confused, and left to chuckle at such a weird reaction to marinara on his foot. Once I wiped it off his foot and wiped his face he was fine.

I think he may have a slight temper though?

His mood was lifted later by the fact that he got to eat icecream with dad. All is well in the Williams household, Marinara Toes and all.

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