Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Part 2 - Being Silly

The night continued with him checking himself out in the oven door. He loves watching himself walk past.

He put his hat on for an inspection and he likes what he sees.

The next walk by was with a sippy cup of milk. Still checking himself out.

Seems like he never notices that we are watching him when he does this, but he knows when he is caught and usually gives a shy giggle.

Tyler and his Memaw then went to chasing each other around the island in the kitchen. We do this all the time hiding from each other. "Where are you?"

Sneaking around for a surprise.

Tyler turns around to us and shrugs his shoulders. He can't figure out where she went.

"Oh No! There she is!"

"Run, Run, Run!"

The chase was on at that point and boy did it last for a while.

He loved it.

He ran around and around squealing and shrieking.

Only taking time to put his hat on and continue.

Here is his ear splitting scream as he comes around the corner.

Then he switches up the direction occasionally.

Memaw and the boy both were out of breath by the end of this segment.

But that only means he was on the hunt for his next silly act.

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