Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Part 1 - Being Silly

Now he can be very silly, but last week he was all over the place. We picked up our favorite pizza to celebrate Memaw's Birthday. Once he got his belly full of pizza he was our entertainment for the evening.

As I loaded up the dishwasher Tyler jabbered and went on about his fork and cup. Next thing I know he is shrieking and saying, "Awwwe," as he hugged his cup. He knows exactly how to be cute.

He also knows when he is being funny and that hugging a cup makes no sense. He laughed at how funny he was being. There is really no telling how long he could have kept doing this.

He had us laughing that is for sure.

The playfulness continued through the evening, so I broke it into 3 parts. I will continue tomorrow.

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