Thursday, August 11, 2011

The New Member of the Family

Tyler talks about him all the time.

As we look at books or talk about eating he comes up in the conversation.

And when we hear clucking or a crow we know he is near.

May I introduce you to the newest member of the family Rojo the rooster. Tyler loves Rojo dearly and loves to take him his dinner. When I ask him if he got to feed Rojo he will smile and stick his tongue in and out. It is hilarious to hear Tyler tell me about his day.

The jabber goes something like this, "Ah-wah-uh-rah hoho." Then he starts sticking his tongue in and out. He is delighted when we understand and respond back, "Really?! You fed Rojo today!"

This is Mema trying to get Rojo to talk to me. He will cluck and strut around and crow. Tyler just loves to watch him and make the same noises.

Hopefully he does not wake Mema and Papa up too early so he can stay. Rojo is an early riser and wants everyone to be awake with him. Time will tell, but for now he is a lot of fun for our family.

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