Friday, August 26, 2011


This kid loves to mow.

There are two words that go hand in hand and they are papaw and mow.
He begs Papaw to mow. Although he really does not mow with Tyler he actually just drives him around on the mower.

Papaw was not feeling good so daddy was his backup today. He was about in tears because he could see the mower parked in the front yard. He came to us and said, "Mow...peese...mow (nodding head)...peese?"

How can you turn down a tear filled toddler that says please? We could not do it, so we choked our supper down because it was urgent that we get over there before that mower moved without him.

He was so excited and waved and smiled. Although, while driving he is very serious and studies every little thing Dad does.

Off they go again but this time to park it. We worried how he would feel about parking and walking away from the mower.

He did good. He got his fill and he walked away from the garage talking about the weed-eater.

I look forward to when he gets older. My yard is going to look fabulous.

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