Friday, August 19, 2011

Kid's Consignment

I went shopping for Tyler 2 weeks ago. A friend provided me with an early pass to go to the Wee Trade Consignment Sale.

I went in with a specific list so I wouldn't spend too much. Tyler needed a snow coat, boots, bibs or snow suit, dress shoes, any other winter accessories, and books.

Luckily I found what I needed and he is ready for this winter. I found boots for $5, an LL Bean coat for $14, snow bibs for $12, dress shoes for $5, a mitten and hat set for $4, two books for $7, and ...

Okay this is where I bought stuff not on my list. I also purchased a high chair for at Mema's house for $30, a small tee ball and bat $6, and a cute orange flannel shirt $3.

I felt that I did really well. When I got home I felt even better when Tyler wanted to try everything on.

He thought the mittens were pretty funny, and he loved his bat and ball.

I now feel ready for winter and hopeful that we can get him in the snow to play. I laugh and hope that this jinxes us from getting snow, but regardless, I will not be searching for snow shoes for him during a huge snow and then paying $20 for something he will wear 2 or 3 times.

I feel prepared and that is a feeling that I rarely get to experience with a toddler.

By the way... thanks Jessica for the early pass. I really appreciate it and so does Tyler.

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