Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Housework Helper

We are trying to teach Tyler to pickup after himself. He is still a world class mess maker, and sometimes it makes me want to cry. This is a different story though. It is a happy one with tears of joy. Why? Well, because I never had to ask for help this time. This is not set up to look cute. This is not one of those reality show moments that are scripted/setup, shock I know, I hope I have not shattered the illusion for anyone about reality TV. This is a true event that took place in my home.

Tony was preparing to do his Fantasy Football draft. I asked him if it would be okay if I vacuumed while he did it or did he need things to be quiet so I could give my input. This is a true story with comedy by the way. I know very little about players, but Tony likes to talk to me about it, and I enjoy giving my input when I know something about the players.

Anyways, Tyler overheard me say I was going to vacuum and watched me walk to the closet to get my vacuum. He ran to his room and proceeded to roll out his vacuum to help. I was so touched that he wanted to work and help his mommy.

We started in his room and he switched on his vacuum. I yelled for Tony to quickly grab the camera before his draft started and snap a few pictures because Tyler will probably never do this on his own accord again.

He would stop to ask me a question or say something. I'm not sure what he said though.

Then he would go back to work.

I love his initiative to help and that he listens to me even when I am not talking directly to him.

He saw that I missed that corner of his room.

I wish my vacuum didn't have a cord. That would make things easier.

Now he realizes this is being captured on camera.

That is perfectly fine baby. Cleaning is a good thing. Especially when you help Mom.

He makes sure he gets under his crib.

Now we have to tell Dad to move so we can vacuum the living room.

This did not stop. He continued to stay right with me vacuuming the whole house. Things went slow but I did not want to discourage him from his mission to help. He continued to help me wind the cord back onto the vacuum and then we both returned our vacuums to the closet. I asked him if he wanted to keep his out, but he turned around and shut the door for me.

What a good true story. Thanks Tyler for making Mom feel appreciated and providing a chuckle at your sweet willingness to help.

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