Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tourist Baseball Game 2011

The American Tradition: hot dogs, ice cream, and cheering on the Asheville Tourists.

We went to the game last night.

We had the best time. By the way I don't know that little girl. The mascot just grabbed her too for the picture. Tyler was still watching the game.

Then he got a little concerned about why the mascot had his arm around us.

We had grilled pretzels with cinnamon and sugar. It was hot outside so he didn't really have an appetite.

He enjoyed the pretzel and we got him a helmet cup full of dipping dots ice cream.

Tyler enjoyed practicing following the ball and acting like he was hitting the ball. Tony would tell him to watch the pitcher, wiggle-wiggle the bat, and SWING. 

He would almost collapse into giggles.

Immediately, he would grab for Tony's hand to try for the next pitch. He did this for at least a whole inning. That is great for a toddler's attention span.

Watch the pitcher, wiggle-wiggle, and ...


To say we enjoyed the game is an understatement. We had an awesome time with our little guy and he loved watching the game so much.

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