Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fun at Marbles

Tyler enjoyed something a little different during our stay in Raleigh, NC. He got to visit Marbles Kid's Museum with his Dad, Hannah, and J.T.

Getting to really enjoy a museum is a little hard for him at his age. The Natural Science Museum was what I had in mind, and I think he would have enjoyed it, but there was the issue of he wants to climb and touch everything.

Marbles was suggested by my sister-in-law.  It is a kid's museum full of interactive fun for kid's. Tyler was pretty much overwhelmed with what to do with all the action, but as you can see below he found a way to fit in almost everything.

There was a bus to get on and play in.

Tyler is actually in the driver's seat getting to play.

The boys enjoyed the art section.

Although I think they will enjoy it more in the future. Tyler enjoyed taking the pencils out and looking at them.

Of course dad had to get a picture with the hockey jerseys.

Tyler always enjoys saying 'hey' to himself in the mirror.

The museum encouraged being active and getting exercise.

There was all sorts of ways to play and get around.

Tyler enjoyed the soccer field and running after all the balls.

Then it was to the pretend surfing area. Tyler was ready for Hannah to help him aboard with JT.
So here we have JT holding onto Hannah, Tyler holding onto JT, and just so things didn't get crazy, Dad holding onto Tyler.

Even though he has never been to the beach he can say that he has had his first surf lesson.

Balance game or something. Not really sure, but it looks fun.

Here is a nice view outside to the street.

Pretty neat view of the people walking in and out.

Once again promoting physical fitness. Creating your own obstacle course, Tyler passed on this.

The boys went next to the Splash area. A little too much water was flying around so they moved on, but not without plenty of time floating ducks and boats down the little river.

This area had a submarine, aquarium,

and a ship! Dad said this was not really suited for Tyler's age. He loved the submarine. It had buttons and lights and plenty of little interactive things to do.

This is the 'Around Town' section.

It had trains, which Tyler loves.

Wheelbarrows for him to push.

A fire engine.

Kid's get to play dress up as well, so he wore a fire hat.
Then he found a boat.

And he loved it.

He likes to drive and push things right now so this was perfect.

He had to try out the little red car.

And then there was the lawn mowers. His obsession right now. He had to drive both.

Dad liked them because they were not as loud as Tyler's little mower back at our house.

He took a break from mowing to plant a garden.

He knew exactly what to do too.

Although he planted a syringe from the Get Well section of town.

Well he must have found more grass to clip because he grabbed the weed eater next.

He tried to get it all, but there was just too much to do.

He rounded out his visit with the farm animals and pointing out the tractors to Dad.

He loved his visit. Next time he better take his mommy because I know I would really enjoy watching him.

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