Friday, June 10, 2011

Watering the Flowers

He follows instructions so well sometimes. I asked him to fill the watering can and he started to do so.

The problem was it was really hot outside, and it was much more fun to sling the water around and around.

Then he decided the sunflowers just did not get enough water so he went back over to give them some more.

I don't think anything is getting more water than him though. He was drenched.

He started running my way with the hose and I got nervous.

It was a short hose though and it jerked him back onto the ground. I had to run and help him up because he was stuck and mesmerized by the water.

More water for the flowers.

More water for Tyler.

I reminded him that the watering can was still not full so he decided to fill it through the spout.

Just does not work as well as through the top though. He did a really good job as long as I stayed within 3 to 4 feet of him. He was very proud of himself and did not really like me to help him directly.

Then I told him that I was going to have to put it away and turn the water off. He was not very happy with mom.

He wrestled it back from me and kept filling the can.

Mommy always wins though, just not without a pout and a whine. Then a lecture from my 1 year-old. I didn't understand a word of his lecture but it sounded very serious.

After I turned off the water and stripped him out of his wet clothes he tried to extract more water.

There was just none to be found. Big disappointment.

So he decided to spit in the hose and stuff it with grass. That will teach mom to turn off the hose.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a cutie! My nephew is obsessed with playing with the sprinklers/water outside, as well! :)

Regina Williams said...

Yes, summer has been very exciting to see his development with playing with water and sand. I love that he can run around without my help too.