Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Sand & Water

No we did not go to the beach yet. We just drove out to Lake Powhatan. They have a beach and swim area roped off and it is pretty nice. There were plenty of picnic spots but you need to get there early to get in. If you show up after noon then more than likely there will be no parking and you will be turned away at the gate. Believe me when I say it happens.

After church on Sunday we drove our little guy out to the lake to try again. I was just itching to get him in the sand and water.

He loved it. We walked him out into the water and he tested the sand between his toes and dug in. He has never been in such a big body of water before.

I could not believe how brave he was. He just kept walking out into the water (holding dad's hand of course). I asked Tony if he was the one guiding him out deeper but Tony said it was all Tyler's doing. He just loved the water.

The water wasn't too cold either and it was definitely refreshing in the summer heat.
Tyler kicked and dug his toes into the sand and watched the other kids doing the same.

He watched those kids pretty hard trying to figure out what they were doing splashing and screaming.

His balance was a little off but he never fell under the water.

We were never further than a little finger away to stabilize him and his balance.

We went back and sat down to enjoy playing in the sand and this fella came to visit us. There were tons of butterflies all over the beach.

Tyler dug right into the sand and started trying to figure out all his new sand tools.

It did not take long and he was going to inspect the other children's toys along the beach. We had a hard time keeping him playing with only his toys. Tony overheard another couple laughing and saying, " You buy your kids toys and then all they want to do is play with someone Else's." How true.

We had just bought him a new bucket because his other bucket busted from being dropped with a bunch of water in it. This was his new set and he barely spent 15 minutes with it before he was off to play with someone else.

After about an hour or so he was getting really hungry and chex-mix and water was not cutting it. We packed up and hiked back to the car. I think he had a really good time playing in the water and sand. Another visit is sure to happen in the near future.

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