Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Slippery Solution

I have dedicated a few posts to the messiness of a 1 year old eating somewhat by his-self.

Now, Tyler does pretty well with some foods and eating with a fork, like eggs or ravioli, but spagetti is a little bit harder to keep on a fork. He usually gives up and just picks up the spagetti and feeds himself or depends on mom for his bites.

He has to get something to drink to wash this all down, but after a while the cup gets a little slippery. Memaw had came over and we were all talking, not realizing that he was struggling to pick up the cup. It never really fazed him. He found a solution pretty fast.

He decided to just go to the cup instead.

We laughed and remarked that it was a pretty good idea. He picked up on our amusement and kept drinking and laughing with us.

What a mess. Sometimes I question letting him eat like this, but the truth is I think he really enjoys it. I want him to have fun and enjoy his time at the table. Too many times we are rushed and do not appreciate food for more than just food. I look at this as a time for him to learn motor skills, independence, and interact with us at the table. Fun times for sure.

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