Friday, June 3, 2011

Picnic for the Fish

We had big plans and then they fell through, so we decided to have a picnic instead. It is wonderful to be able to have occasional weekends of nothing in particular to do but have a picnic.

I packed sandwiches, chips, water, and plenty of grapes. While eating I pinched off the crust of Tyler's sandwich so we could feed all the little blue-gills in the lake. They were everywhere and the water was clear.

The only problem was Tyler's toss was just short of the water. Not to fear though, Dad has a pretty good arm and very good aim. Those fish were having a glorious picnic.

Look at all the fish. I can count at least 16 and they all wanted a bite.

Tyler enjoyed watching them come up to snag a bite and make the water ripple. It was a lot of fun for all of 2 minutes.

He laughed, he saw them eat, and then he got bored. I'm sure he was thinking, "They don't do anything else?"

Then he was off to running up and down the hill again. That was more fun than bunches of fish. We should have brought a fishing pole.

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