Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jumping in the Pool

This kid has become such a brave guy. When did this happen? If we did not stay right on his toes he would jump right in. Maybe this is lot's of faith in Mom to always be there to catch or Dad to always be there to ease him into the little pool.

It does not matter this kid wanted to jump over and over. He would take a quick breather, laugh, and then jump right back into the water with me.

Then he would smim around and dunk his head in the water smiling the whole time. He loved it. It was very refreashing for all of us. Compared to the rides earlier in the day it was more than obvious he was having a blast.

It was a little cool outside of the pool, so he would hurry and turn around and jump right back in. Then he grew tired jumping in the pool. I had to hang onto his trunks until dad could grab his hand to walk him to the kid pool.

It had tons of fountains and water features for the kid's to play in. Believe me, you could get soaked and never go in water over your knee here.

Tyler loved it. The water was cooler here but that did not stop him from splashing around.

He really thought he could grab the water and he tried over and over.

Then he decided he wanted to go underwater here too.

I had to stay right with him because he would put his head under and sometimes lose his balance. No fear at all.

We tried out every little spout of water here and I was drenched by the time we left. Compared to our early afternoon time at the pool he really came out of his shell at the pool. I am sure he will become more and more brave. Maybe swim lessons are not that far off.

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