Monday, June 27, 2011

He Man Woman Hater (Not Really)

I could see him now on a Little Rascal episode proving how strong he is. The only problem is he's not a woman hater. He loves his momma dearly, and you put a little girl in the room and you might see him wiggle his ears like Alfalfa with that sweet little smile. He smiles, waves, and with opportunity gives them a hug or hold their hand. By the way his bib says, 'Lock up your daughters.'

Here is my He Man showing off. He does this all the time. Carrying stuff around half the size of him. It is really funny to watch him try to carry my weights. I don't let him anymore because he could hurt his toes, and he gets upset because they are a little too heavy for him and he does not want to let them go (man pride I guess).

I don't know why he thinks he needs to run towards me with large objects or water hoses while I am taking pictures. Lens can distort how close he really is and can be a pretty rude awakening.

As you can see though he came over to give his momma hugs and kisses and a little drool too. He's not a woman hater at all, and the Little Rascals really weren't either. All I can say is thank heaven for little boys showing off for their mommies and giving us plenty of hugs.

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