Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Amusement Park with Little Amusement

He is still a little too young for some things, so we do it for us. We went to Pigeon Forge, TN to enjoy some pool time and some rides with our boy over the weekend. What fun right? Well Tony and I had a lot of fun showing Tyler new things and getting him ready for a train ride.

I smiled and waved and tried to get him to do the same but he barely showed a smile for the camera. I am pretty sure he enjoyed the sights, sounds, and craziness of the park.

I think he might have been happy with just watching the train though. I see a little hint of amusement.

He would bounce a little and he enjoyed waving at his fellow passengers, but that is about it. I would about have him ready to wave at Dad, Memaw, and Papaw but then the conductor would toot the train whistle and his mind was only on the whistle and where that sound came from.

Then we checked out a different mode of transportation, an airplane. Fun right? A different vantage point and they all have pretty colors. I had to let him go off and do his own thing here (by the way they had seat belts). I cried. Just a little. My boy is growing up.

Not too much though. He is holding the steering wheel wrong but that's okay. He has never been in a plane. Much less been the pilot of one.

If that is the way you want to fly that plane baby you go ahead. Mom does not care. Just as long as you fly back to her once you are finished and maybe smile for us!

Once again no smile. I am just thankful there were no tears. He rode the whole time and tried to take it all in. There were go-carts and all sorts of kid's. I just don't think he could concentrate on it all.

The plane got higher and he started looking around more and more.

But he always made sure that mom and dad was still below waving and waiting on him to return.

See he is peeking over looking for us.

"Hi Dad!"

He was ready to get out. I was a proud yet sad momma. He could do this without me. I know that is an awesome thing and I am very proud of him, but it just means he is growing up.

Stop growing please just for a little while. I can't keep up with all the new things you can do. I hope he had fun because we sure could not tell on the rides. Although, once I had him in my arms he told me all about how he went around and around, and then he waved goodbye to the plane.

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