Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aww Man!

"Sorry, but Mommy will be out of town for work. I am not far away but because our schedule will be more than full, she will be unable to post for the next 2 weeks. Maybe she can talk Dad into putting a few pictures up of me enjoying my Aunt Angie's place. Check back soon to see what all I have got into over our summer break."

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shake Shake Shake

Well Memaw got him a pair of maracas. They make noises. Wonderful lovely rattling noises that Tyler dances too.

You can't not love something that brings so much joy.

Music is such a wonderful thing.

He can dance and work these instruments in his own special way. I hope it is a sign of future talent and enjoyment.

But for now we will just sit back and enjoy the music that our baby provides us.

Monday, June 27, 2011

He Man Woman Hater (Not Really)

I could see him now on a Little Rascal episode proving how strong he is. The only problem is he's not a woman hater. He loves his momma dearly, and you put a little girl in the room and you might see him wiggle his ears like Alfalfa with that sweet little smile. He smiles, waves, and with opportunity gives them a hug or hold their hand. By the way his bib says, 'Lock up your daughters.'

Here is my He Man showing off. He does this all the time. Carrying stuff around half the size of him. It is really funny to watch him try to carry my weights. I don't let him anymore because he could hurt his toes, and he gets upset because they are a little too heavy for him and he does not want to let them go (man pride I guess).

I don't know why he thinks he needs to run towards me with large objects or water hoses while I am taking pictures. Lens can distort how close he really is and can be a pretty rude awakening.

As you can see though he came over to give his momma hugs and kisses and a little drool too. He's not a woman hater at all, and the Little Rascals really weren't either. All I can say is thank heaven for little boys showing off for their mommies and giving us plenty of hugs.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Raisin Treats

This kid loves raisins. His Memaw brings him a box every morning.

A friend (same friend that gave him the rocking horse) from my work is hopping on the band wagon of spoiling him with a treat. He gave him some yougart covered raisins.

Here he is seeing how many he can fit in his mouth or just drooling over his hoard of yumminess.

Here he is telling me that I can't have one. Lucky for him I don't like raisins.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Need Him

What's your shirt say sweetie?

"Well mom I can't read. What does it say?"

It says, 'I still live with my parents! They'd be helpless without me.'

That is so true and he agrees!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Slippery Solution

I have dedicated a few posts to the messiness of a 1 year old eating somewhat by his-self.

Now, Tyler does pretty well with some foods and eating with a fork, like eggs or ravioli, but spagetti is a little bit harder to keep on a fork. He usually gives up and just picks up the spagetti and feeds himself or depends on mom for his bites.

He has to get something to drink to wash this all down, but after a while the cup gets a little slippery. Memaw had came over and we were all talking, not realizing that he was struggling to pick up the cup. It never really fazed him. He found a solution pretty fast.

He decided to just go to the cup instead.

We laughed and remarked that it was a pretty good idea. He picked up on our amusement and kept drinking and laughing with us.

What a mess. Sometimes I question letting him eat like this, but the truth is I think he really enjoys it. I want him to have fun and enjoy his time at the table. Too many times we are rushed and do not appreciate food for more than just food. I look at this as a time for him to learn motor skills, independence, and interact with us at the table. Fun times for sure.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ketchup Feast

This boy loves ketchup. We didn't really know to what extent but we found out on Father's Day.

Dad and Papaw wanted a Harbor Inn seafood feast so that is what they got. Tyler slept late and only got milk and cheerios for breakfast so we could make it to church on time.

He was starved by the time we made it to the restaurant. I put some ketchup on his plate and he started grabbing and dipping hush puppies, shrimp, fries, and taking big bites of slaw.

The ketchup was disappearing faster than anything else. He would get a big dip and suck all the ketchup off the hush puppy or fry then go for more ketchup. He double dipped but that is okay, we didn't really want to share. He fed himself for the most part and ate and ate and ate.

I think we laughed the whole time but he didn't pay us any attention. All Tyler wanted was more shrimp, and Dad being the wonderful dad that he is was more than happy to oblige.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Can You Spot the Differences?

Sorry there are no prizes, just wanted some fun for your Friday.

Picture 1: Sleeping

Picture 2: Slightly stirring from sleep.

This was taken because... well... he was sleeping and I wanted him awake, and he was just so darn cute.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jumping in the Pool

This kid has become such a brave guy. When did this happen? If we did not stay right on his toes he would jump right in. Maybe this is lot's of faith in Mom to always be there to catch or Dad to always be there to ease him into the little pool.

It does not matter this kid wanted to jump over and over. He would take a quick breather, laugh, and then jump right back into the water with me.

Then he would smim around and dunk his head in the water smiling the whole time. He loved it. It was very refreashing for all of us. Compared to the rides earlier in the day it was more than obvious he was having a blast.

It was a little cool outside of the pool, so he would hurry and turn around and jump right back in. Then he grew tired jumping in the pool. I had to hang onto his trunks until dad could grab his hand to walk him to the kid pool.

It had tons of fountains and water features for the kid's to play in. Believe me, you could get soaked and never go in water over your knee here.

Tyler loved it. The water was cooler here but that did not stop him from splashing around.

He really thought he could grab the water and he tried over and over.

Then he decided he wanted to go underwater here too.

I had to stay right with him because he would put his head under and sometimes lose his balance. No fear at all.

We tried out every little spout of water here and I was drenched by the time we left. Compared to our early afternoon time at the pool he really came out of his shell at the pool. I am sure he will become more and more brave. Maybe swim lessons are not that far off.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Amusement Park with Little Amusement

He is still a little too young for some things, so we do it for us. We went to Pigeon Forge, TN to enjoy some pool time and some rides with our boy over the weekend. What fun right? Well Tony and I had a lot of fun showing Tyler new things and getting him ready for a train ride.

I smiled and waved and tried to get him to do the same but he barely showed a smile for the camera. I am pretty sure he enjoyed the sights, sounds, and craziness of the park.

I think he might have been happy with just watching the train though. I see a little hint of amusement.

He would bounce a little and he enjoyed waving at his fellow passengers, but that is about it. I would about have him ready to wave at Dad, Memaw, and Papaw but then the conductor would toot the train whistle and his mind was only on the whistle and where that sound came from.

Then we checked out a different mode of transportation, an airplane. Fun right? A different vantage point and they all have pretty colors. I had to let him go off and do his own thing here (by the way they had seat belts). I cried. Just a little. My boy is growing up.

Not too much though. He is holding the steering wheel wrong but that's okay. He has never been in a plane. Much less been the pilot of one.

If that is the way you want to fly that plane baby you go ahead. Mom does not care. Just as long as you fly back to her once you are finished and maybe smile for us!

Once again no smile. I am just thankful there were no tears. He rode the whole time and tried to take it all in. There were go-carts and all sorts of kid's. I just don't think he could concentrate on it all.

The plane got higher and he started looking around more and more.

But he always made sure that mom and dad was still below waving and waiting on him to return.

See he is peeking over looking for us.

"Hi Dad!"

He was ready to get out. I was a proud yet sad momma. He could do this without me. I know that is an awesome thing and I am very proud of him, but it just means he is growing up.

Stop growing please just for a little while. I can't keep up with all the new things you can do. I hope he had fun because we sure could not tell on the rides. Although, once I had him in my arms he told me all about how he went around and around, and then he waved goodbye to the plane.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feeding the Family

In our house everyone eats at the same time. Tyler makes sure of it.

I do not approve of this form of sharing but Tyler is entertained. He is thrilled that as long as food is on the floor Tucker will not leave him. I make sure dinner is going into my son first.

Tucker is thrilled too. "Yummy, macaroni and cheese, pork, and green beans!" Yes he ate it all even the green bean.

In the commotion of getting fed he also wore some of his dinner.

He could smell it, but he just could not find it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Toon Time

In the morning, while I get ready for work, I turn on Little Einsteins or Handy Manny. I pour him a sippy cup of milk and finish my makeup and hair. He loves sitting and watching for a few minutes but it usually does not last long. I really have to move fast before he loses interest because then I have to get breakfast ready.

He will stop watching occasionally to tell me something about what he is watching. I laugh and talk to him about the shows.

I remember when I used to prop him up because he could not sit up by his self so that he could see me in the bathroom getting ready. My how time flies - sniff.

Pampered and sweet. That is my boy.