Thursday, May 5, 2011

We Are Working on It

Tyler is learning things really fast now. We can ask him to say a word and sometimes he comes really close to doing so. Here is a list of things we are working on with him, not just his speech.
  • Words like: please, thanks, Tucker, poo, pee, truck, tractor, cow, run, and a few more. He is getting much better.
  • Being sweet and loving: sometimes excitement causes him to slap a little too hard, when he means to pat. We tell him to be sweet and easy with Tucker and other kid's.
  • The potty: so far he is very good at going to the potty, knowing when he is finished, or needs to sit longer. Sometimes we sit for a very long time (he is a male). This is his choice and we look at every book and toy within reach. The wait usually pays off though.
  • Eating with a fork: this skill comes and goes. I think sometimes he just wants to hurry and eat so of course eating with his hands is easier.
  • Giving him instructions: He is getting very good at following directions like cleaning up his toys, getting his shoes and coat, finding his sippy cup, and to follow us from room to room.
  • Finding certain body parts: we quiz him almost daily to find Mommy's nose, Tyler's eyes, Daddy's toes, and where his belly button is. He is very good when he is in the mood to play.
  • Help us blow on hot food: if I don't realize how hot his eggs are and just need a little bit more cooling, sometimes I see him blowing on them. Although usually he is blowing up instead of down.
  • Washing himself: I ask him to wash his hands in the bath tub, his toes, or his belly. He usually does it smiling and laughing.
Small steps but he just seems to be moving so fast with everything now. I am a very proud Mom.

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