Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Train Ride in the Mall

While visiting family in Raleigh, NC we went to look around the local mall. It was nice to walk around on a Thursday and have the place pretty much to ourselves. That is when we saw the coolest thing coming our way. A train! Not one that is stuck to going on a track only. This one was free to drive where ever the conductor wanted.

Tyler watched in awe as it passed us by, so I just had to see if we could get a ride. We approached the waiting area and a ride was only $1.50 per person, so Tyler and I grabbed some money from Daddy and hopped in line.

The train had a coal car, two regular cars, and a caboose for people to ride in. The conductor was very good with the kids and obviously loved his job by his laughter and playful banter with passengers. Most of the kid's loved him, but Tyler was pretty solitary. He needs a little time to warm up to new people.

Tyler did not know what to think of all the excitement. I was pointing out the engine out front and telling him to get ready to give the conductor our tickets.

We got to ride close to half of the mall, around the water fountain, then the play area, and back to the start. Tyler was completely fascinated and I think he probably wanted another ride, but we told him the escalators were free and we could ride those all we wanted. He was more than happy with this idea and we moved on.

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