Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Timing with a Camera

I am realizing as time goes by that it is not so easy to get those cute shots of Tyler any more. He moves from one thing to another at amazing speed, his attention only held for minutes, and he has become this really fun little individual to talk with. Once I realize what he is doing that is a camera moment he usually gets distracted before I can get to the camera. On a few occasions I have not been prepared and the camera has unfortunately not held a memory card to take pictures.

Yesterday I missed a glorious picture. As I turned around to talk to Tyler I noticed a quick movement not far from him. It was a hummingbird. Now I don’t know if Tyler can remember them from last summer but he most certainly was locked onto this one. As it hovered a few feet from him it came closer and closer. He was wearing a bright red shirt and the hummingbird must have been enamored. I was dying to be able to run inside the house and grab my camera, but I was scared of moving and distracting either one of them.

It would have been a perfect picture. They were literally only 2 feet away from each other, maybe less. It was close enough for me to be a little nervous and question, “Could a hummingbird hurt him?” It was amazing. I could not believe I missed this picture, but then I looked around. We had been working and planting sun flowers in the garden, I was very dirty, and I was now watering the garden. This was not a very camera friendly scenario.

So this will forever be in my memory and blog only as a story. I will try harder in the future though to be just a little bit more camera ready.

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