Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweetness in the Morning

I heard my little guy talking and cooing over the monitor. You can never wake up in a bad mood hearing such sweetness in the morning.

I walk into his room and see him sitting on his pillow talking to his teddy. I ask him if I can take his picture and run for the camera before he moves.

He stays still and I snap a few pictures. What is so sweet is that even when I enter the room and he is not holding his teddy, he does not want to leave him in the crib. He has to take teddy with him.

I tell him to smile and I get this little ham of a face.

Sweet little snuggles and such a happy kid. He takes after his daddy being such a good morning person. I try, but the only thing that keeps me in a good mood in the morning is this little guy and his teddy.

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