Thursday, May 26, 2011

Potty Training Continues

We have transitioned him from his other potty to this potty seat. He is doing very well and things are progressing.

He continues to look at his books while going potty.This helps because he does not want to get up as fast and it gives him time to do his business.

I usually ask if he is finished and go to reach for him and he will push my hands away and point for another book. We have sat in the bathroom for over 10 minutes sometimes. He enjoys the quiet one-on-one time I think.

This is our routine and it seems to be going well so far. He does not cry or get mad and usually if asked he will gladly walk to the bathroom to use the potty. This does not mean that he does not use his diaper but we have went on for extended periods keeping the same clean diaper.

His favorite books are the 100 Farm Words book (the one he is holding) and Goodnight Moon. He has actually started acting like he is reading them to me. He will point at the pictures and I will tell him what he is pointing at and the sound it makes. When we read Goodnight Moon he turns the pages for me as I read to him. He also likes the Eric Carle books. My seal impersonation always gets laughs.  

The development that I am seeing and the study that goes into the books makes me wonder if he is really concentrating as much on going potty. Last night, after he used the potty, he was studying the animals and paint strokes in the books and did not want to move. It amazed me at the attention he pays to all of the details. Even turning the books the correct way.

Here he is telling me something about the rooster and ducks.

I love this boy so very much. He is learning so fast.

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