Friday, May 6, 2011

He Finds it Funny

Tony and I were cleaning up the kitchen yesterday after supper. When we heard Tyler turning on his John Deer dump truck and laughing at it.

Not just a giggle laugh. It was almost a fake laugh. I very loud, meant to be heard, laugh, "Ha, ha, ha."

So I sneaked around the corner to see what he was doing and of course take pictures.

This is what I found. My happy little guy playing.

And laughing. "Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

First, he would raise the bed to push the button which makes the truck's engine start and bounce.

He then would hurry and put the bed back down.

Sometimes push it even further to make it bounce even more.

Then he would laugh and laugh.

I wish I could find such simple things in life to laugh at. Simple life lessons from my sweet boy.

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