Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Pictures 2011

The Easter Bunny visited us. Tyler found him in the side yard nibbling on clover. Tyler was thrilled to watch him hop along in the grass.

I don't know how well anyone can see him. He is the little brown bunch of fur out in the yard.

Tyler spotted him and squealed and pointed.

We then set up the tri-pod and set the automatic timer to take our 2011 Easter photo. This was the hard part. With a one year old who does not understand what we are smiling at, let's just say there were many pictures taken.

The hands were the hardest part. He is teething pretty heavily right now and he was getting tired.

If his hands were not in his mouth they were rubbing his eyes and nose. We tried to ramp up the excitement and get him to smile at the flashing little timer light. Camera caught both of us saying smile and cheese.

I finally had to hold his hand to keep it from obstructing his face, but we still were not ready.

Not too bad of a picture here. Other than some drool spots this one is a keeper. It is the best that can be expected at this time.

Then we decided to do a picture of just me and Tony. I used to hate this process of pictures together and I thought it was so hard to take a good picture of both of us. After trying to work with a 15 month old, we take a pretty easy picture after all. Looks pretty good too, if I may say so.

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