Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Day at the Knoxville Zoo

We went to the Knoxville Zoo a week ago. We enjoyed it immensely. Even though we got rained out and had to go back later that day. It was lot's of fun.

When you first go in there is a very impressive black bear  area. They had it made in this here with tons of trees and water to play in. There habitat was by far my favorite with 3 or 4 vantage points for people to observe the bears.

Here is the other bear taking a refreshing swim.

We went into the Brazilian Aviary. These guys were fishing around in the water. And to our surprise... 

They could fly right over our head. I mean literally right over our head. When you enter you are supposed to stay pretty quiet so that you don't upset them but I kinda gasped when one about took my head off.

They had camel rides. This was about the time the rain started. We wanted to give it a try but I was not interested in sitting on a soggy camel that might spit on me. All he wanted was for us to put a quarter in the machine and give him some food.

The zebras were really close while the rain started to really come down. We said hi then moved on.

The elephants were thoroughly enjoying the rain. Here he or she is flapping their ears in pure joy.

This was Tyler's favorite exhibit. The Sahara truck. We were getting pretty wet and he could not sit in it.

We were then stranded because of the torrential rain. Luckily we had the giraffes to enjoy.

The truck taunted us. It was still in view, but the rain was coming down too hard. At this point we left and got our rain check tickets.

After lunch we returned and headed straight to where we left off. The big cat habitats. The lions were not really within view other than a few we could see lounging in the distance. The tiger habitat was being worked on. But the cheetah was within pretty good view. He did not have a care in the world.

As we rounded the corner, I commented on the stench. I thought we were in the ape territories but we had to go by the wild hogs. That was the smell. How can such a small animal make an area smell so bad?

We searched hi and low for the gorillas. He had a pretty amazing habitat but he was hiding in his courtyard area. He must enjoy staring everyone down.

We then watched the chimps. There was a cute baby chimp. He was a little too curious and I will keep the story to myself because it is just a little too gross to repeat. If you ever run into me and really want to know I will tell ya. Just warning you though, if you go and have a weak stomach skip the chimps.

After the ape exhibits we had a walk on the nature trails. It was peaceful and gave us a chance to walk and enjoy the shaded areas.

Tyler enjoyed getting to run along and look for squirrels. That was his favorite animal to watch.

He would skip and play along the trail and look for sticks.

We then made our way to the Eagles. They were very beautiful.

The rhinos, who were having a meeting it looks like.

And these cute little cousins of the pandas. Lazy little red pandas. Adorable!

They had a sweet little play area and they were very active. Tyler could care less though he found a squirrel over to the side of the exhibit who was burying a nut.

Then we came to this large python. She was huge. She could easily eat a dog of medium size.

This was also creepy. An albino alligator.

Completely white. This was an indoor exhibit of course because I don't think it would fare too well in direct sunlight.

We rounded out the visit at the children's area and played in eggs and nests and all sorts of other stuff. We were so tired. The zoo was fun and I think we got to take in all the sights. Perfect time of year to go though. Not too hot and plenty of animals.

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