Monday, May 16, 2011

Bent Creek

We enjoyed a visit to the Bent Creek area walking the trails.

The paths are wide and Tyler had plenty to explore and check out. He was pretty tired at this point but he still managed to be a complete sweetheart and wave at every passing person.

Waving was funny because he could not walk and wave at the same time. He had to stop, wave, and turn as the people passed.

He picked up every rock he came too. I have a feeling when he figures out his pockets that he will be carrying lots and lots of rocks home.

We were able to find different areas to throw rocks in the water.

He loved it. Throwing with his right and left hand.

When we came to a bridge Dad loaded up on rocks and he threw rocks until he was tired of it.

He has a pretty good arm. Now if we can just work on form.

I can't wait for more fun with my boys.

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