Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Breaking Out the Pool

Remember the excitement of getting your pool out or sprinkler?

Tyler was very excited to be getting his pool out. I don't think he could remember last year. He was thrilled to watch Dad start blowing it up.

Then he started working on climbing in it. Shouldn't be too hard.

Okay it was a little bit more tough than what he imagined. I bet with a little water this would not have happened.

Then he pretended to play and splash.

Squealing in delight at the thought of how much fun he is about to have.

He is still Squealing here and trying to figure out how to get out of the pool.

This was a little bit more easy than getting in.

He ran over and started to tell me all about the pool and how he really wanted to go outside now.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Potty Training Continues

We have transitioned him from his other potty to this potty seat. He is doing very well and things are progressing.

He continues to look at his books while going potty.This helps because he does not want to get up as fast and it gives him time to do his business.

I usually ask if he is finished and go to reach for him and he will push my hands away and point for another book. We have sat in the bathroom for over 10 minutes sometimes. He enjoys the quiet one-on-one time I think.

This is our routine and it seems to be going well so far. He does not cry or get mad and usually if asked he will gladly walk to the bathroom to use the potty. This does not mean that he does not use his diaper but we have went on for extended periods keeping the same clean diaper.

His favorite books are the 100 Farm Words book (the one he is holding) and Goodnight Moon. He has actually started acting like he is reading them to me. He will point at the pictures and I will tell him what he is pointing at and the sound it makes. When we read Goodnight Moon he turns the pages for me as I read to him. He also likes the Eric Carle books. My seal impersonation always gets laughs.  

The development that I am seeing and the study that goes into the books makes me wonder if he is really concentrating as much on going potty. Last night, after he used the potty, he was studying the animals and paint strokes in the books and did not want to move. It amazed me at the attention he pays to all of the details. Even turning the books the correct way.

Here he is telling me something about the rooster and ducks.

I love this boy so very much. He is learning so fast.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Timing with a Camera

I am realizing as time goes by that it is not so easy to get those cute shots of Tyler any more. He moves from one thing to another at amazing speed, his attention only held for minutes, and he has become this really fun little individual to talk with. Once I realize what he is doing that is a camera moment he usually gets distracted before I can get to the camera. On a few occasions I have not been prepared and the camera has unfortunately not held a memory card to take pictures.

Yesterday I missed a glorious picture. As I turned around to talk to Tyler I noticed a quick movement not far from him. It was a hummingbird. Now I don’t know if Tyler can remember them from last summer but he most certainly was locked onto this one. As it hovered a few feet from him it came closer and closer. He was wearing a bright red shirt and the hummingbird must have been enamored. I was dying to be able to run inside the house and grab my camera, but I was scared of moving and distracting either one of them.

It would have been a perfect picture. They were literally only 2 feet away from each other, maybe less. It was close enough for me to be a little nervous and question, “Could a hummingbird hurt him?” It was amazing. I could not believe I missed this picture, but then I looked around. We had been working and planting sun flowers in the garden, I was very dirty, and I was now watering the garden. This was not a very camera friendly scenario.

So this will forever be in my memory and blog only as a story. I will try harder in the future though to be just a little bit more camera ready.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Hop Hops

Every morning and evening we have rabbits or as Tyler refers to them "Hop Hops." When we get out of bed and are trying to get a little bit more awake we go check for them. Sometimes it is still to early, so we watch for them during breakfast. I can ask Tyler to go check for them and he will run to the window and squeal with delight at the sight of them.

This morning we had 3 hop hops. They were really active too cleaning themselves and stretching out while eating clover. The third hop hop is down the bank. We have a fourth hop hop that sometimes comes around but he didn't join the party. As you can see they would love to enter our fenced in garden. We have beautiful lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes (3 varieties), cucumber, and peppers (3 varieties).

We put up a temporary fence to keep our little friends out so they don't nibble our growing garden. They are not shy at all. We walked one evening within 5 feet of one of the hop hops before he finally hopped off. Tyler probably thinks of them as pets at this point and regularly visits the window to tap and talk to them. They never budge and continue to eat the clover and play.

I don't have a problem with them at this point. Just as long as they stay out of my garden.
I will keep you posted.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweetness in the Morning

I heard my little guy talking and cooing over the monitor. You can never wake up in a bad mood hearing such sweetness in the morning.

I walk into his room and see him sitting on his pillow talking to his teddy. I ask him if I can take his picture and run for the camera before he moves.

He stays still and I snap a few pictures. What is so sweet is that even when I enter the room and he is not holding his teddy, he does not want to leave him in the crib. He has to take teddy with him.

I tell him to smile and I get this little ham of a face.

Sweet little snuggles and such a happy kid. He takes after his daddy being such a good morning person. I try, but the only thing that keeps me in a good mood in the morning is this little guy and his teddy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

His Bedtime Routine

First he takes a bath. I brush his teeth and then get him dressed.

We give Daddy kisses and hugs. Then we are off to find Teddy and get his blankets.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, we snuggle while he lays his head on my shoulder.

I tell him I love him and give him kisses.

I say a night prayer with him, then slowly walk him to his crib and lay him down with Teddy.

He smiles, waves, and hugs up to Teddy as I walk out blowing kisses.

He is my incredibly sweet boy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Morning

Tyler has got very attached to 2 things lately: his Crocs and his teddy bear.

This picture pretty much sums it up. First thing in the morning he hangs on to Teddy for dear life. He wants his Crocs on immediately. We must visit the potty and read a few books. This is how we get going in the morning.

Bent Creek

We enjoyed a visit to the Bent Creek area walking the trails.

The paths are wide and Tyler had plenty to explore and check out. He was pretty tired at this point but he still managed to be a complete sweetheart and wave at every passing person.

Waving was funny because he could not walk and wave at the same time. He had to stop, wave, and turn as the people passed.

He picked up every rock he came too. I have a feeling when he figures out his pockets that he will be carrying lots and lots of rocks home.

We were able to find different areas to throw rocks in the water.

He loved it. Throwing with his right and left hand.

When we came to a bridge Dad loaded up on rocks and he threw rocks until he was tired of it.

He has a pretty good arm. Now if we can just work on form.

I can't wait for more fun with my boys.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Milkshake Delight

We rarely have the joy of a milkshake. Especially Tyler.

But for Mother's Day we made an exception and stopped by Cook-Out for one.

Tyler and I shared an Orange Push-up milkshake and it was yummy. I tried to take a picture in our little Corolla, but I found out pretty fast that Tony had left our large zoom lense on, so I had a hard time aiming the camera to get the picture I wanted.
Regardless of the lens, I think anyone could see the milkshake was a big hit with our little guy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big Truck for a Big Boy

I heard him making noises in his room like he was driving his truck. He makes even louder noises for the bigger the truck.

I went into his room and found him literally in the truck. I guess I taught him to ride in it because sometimes I ride him around the house in it and make noises. I just did not think that he would climb in all by his self.

Friday, May 6, 2011

He Finds it Funny

Tony and I were cleaning up the kitchen yesterday after supper. When we heard Tyler turning on his John Deer dump truck and laughing at it.

Not just a giggle laugh. It was almost a fake laugh. I very loud, meant to be heard, laugh, "Ha, ha, ha."

So I sneaked around the corner to see what he was doing and of course take pictures.

This is what I found. My happy little guy playing.

And laughing. "Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

First, he would raise the bed to push the button which makes the truck's engine start and bounce.

He then would hurry and put the bed back down.

Sometimes push it even further to make it bounce even more.

Then he would laugh and laugh.

I wish I could find such simple things in life to laugh at. Simple life lessons from my sweet boy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

We Are Working on It

Tyler is learning things really fast now. We can ask him to say a word and sometimes he comes really close to doing so. Here is a list of things we are working on with him, not just his speech.
  • Words like: please, thanks, Tucker, poo, pee, truck, tractor, cow, run, and a few more. He is getting much better.
  • Being sweet and loving: sometimes excitement causes him to slap a little too hard, when he means to pat. We tell him to be sweet and easy with Tucker and other kid's.
  • The potty: so far he is very good at going to the potty, knowing when he is finished, or needs to sit longer. Sometimes we sit for a very long time (he is a male). This is his choice and we look at every book and toy within reach. The wait usually pays off though.
  • Eating with a fork: this skill comes and goes. I think sometimes he just wants to hurry and eat so of course eating with his hands is easier.
  • Giving him instructions: He is getting very good at following directions like cleaning up his toys, getting his shoes and coat, finding his sippy cup, and to follow us from room to room.
  • Finding certain body parts: we quiz him almost daily to find Mommy's nose, Tyler's eyes, Daddy's toes, and where his belly button is. He is very good when he is in the mood to play.
  • Help us blow on hot food: if I don't realize how hot his eggs are and just need a little bit more cooling, sometimes I see him blowing on them. Although usually he is blowing up instead of down.
  • Washing himself: I ask him to wash his hands in the bath tub, his toes, or his belly. He usually does it smiling and laughing.
Small steps but he just seems to be moving so fast with everything now. I am a very proud Mom.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Train Ride in the Mall

While visiting family in Raleigh, NC we went to look around the local mall. It was nice to walk around on a Thursday and have the place pretty much to ourselves. That is when we saw the coolest thing coming our way. A train! Not one that is stuck to going on a track only. This one was free to drive where ever the conductor wanted.

Tyler watched in awe as it passed us by, so I just had to see if we could get a ride. We approached the waiting area and a ride was only $1.50 per person, so Tyler and I grabbed some money from Daddy and hopped in line.

The train had a coal car, two regular cars, and a caboose for people to ride in. The conductor was very good with the kids and obviously loved his job by his laughter and playful banter with passengers. Most of the kid's loved him, but Tyler was pretty solitary. He needs a little time to warm up to new people.

Tyler did not know what to think of all the excitement. I was pointing out the engine out front and telling him to get ready to give the conductor our tickets.

We got to ride close to half of the mall, around the water fountain, then the play area, and back to the start. Tyler was completely fascinated and I think he probably wanted another ride, but we told him the escalators were free and we could ride those all we wanted. He was more than happy with this idea and we moved on.