Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tyler's 15 Month Stats

Bedtime: Still sleeping really good through the night. You can sleep through the worst thunder storms. You are going to bed around 8 pm and getting up around 6:30 to 7 am.

Naps: You still like to take short naps in the morning and a longer nap in the afternoon.

Meals: You are doing really good with feeding yourself and eating what we sit in front of you. You at least try the food, but that does not mean it always gets swallowed. You love orange juice with lots of pulp, grapes, scrambled eggs, and macaroni and cheese.

Developmental Milestones and "Firsts": Boudaries are definitely being pushed. You love to push buttons on the Wii and DVD player. You know you should not do this, we know you know this because you jump when we catch you and hurry and run away. You also will first put a finger on a forbidden item, then pat it, then grab it if we still have not made a move to stop you. Dad caught you trying to climb mom's full length mirror. You love it outside and playing in the dirt.

Words and Talking: You mimic actions better than words. You listen and understand most things that we tell you to do: like go get your juice cup, where is your shoes, and do you need to use potty. Most of the time you jabber and point. You talk to yourself and laugh at what you say. You must be pretty funny. We wished we knew what you were saying. You talk, point, and nod or shake your head telling us about different things. Sometimes it sounds like you are asking questions.

Growth: You are cutting new teeth and you drool like crazy. You still wear bibs because you drool so much. You are getting taller and heavier with everyday. You just had your 3rd hair cut.

Favorite Toys and Things to do: Your favorite toys are things that make noise or have wheels. You love your lawn mower, a tractor and a little person that goes in it, and your keyboard. You love to play with Tucker and his soccer ball. You grab it and run and he chases after you. You love to walk around outside and pick flowers and play in the gravel with a bucket and shovel.

Clothing/Diaper sizes: You are still wearing size 4 diapers. You are wearing size 6 shoes and 18 month clothes.

Funny Things that you do: You love your belly button and you think other peoples belly buttons are hilarious. You also love to play games like stinky feet. We ask you where your stinky toes are and you hold your foot up and say, "shew." You love to fall down and cuddle on the bed. You think it is so much fun to snuggle into a pillow and then bounce on the bed. Dad taught you to spit but you have not figured out that it is an outside only activity. I catch you sometimes trying to stand on your head and look upside down. You want to be independent as much as possible and you want to walk by yourself.

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