Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Such a Good Eater / Mess Maker

The meal started off on the wrong note. He combed his hair with his fork.

He only did that once, but somehow more made it into his hair?

He ate very well. Although, I think he wore more than he ate.

He was telling us all about how this happened. I still don't really understand.

Something about while dad's head was turned he would sneak more into his hair.

I think?

I now question why I put a bib on him? There is more on top of his head than under his chin.

He was definitely getting full and he decided to play with his food.

Tractor noises.

The fun had to end though as I cleaned him up. Can you see the joy? I think I wiped that away too.

It was hard to get it out of his hair. Spaghetti sauce is hard to remove.

More scrubbing.

I gave him a break.

Then I went to cleaning his mouth.

"What a mess you are." I said that about 10 times.

Clean and oh so cute.

His hair remained this way for the rest of the afternoon.

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