Monday, April 11, 2011

My Boys Playing Together

It is wonderful when we have time to sit down in the afternoon and play together.

Tyler had been running back and forth. Grabbing Tucker's toys and running to Tony in a giggle fit.

Tucker would chase after him for the toy. Tyler thought that Dad was his safe spot. The giggling and sillyness was the best thing for Tony and me after a long day at work.

Tyler found out pretty quick that Tucker could get to him. Even on Daddy's lap. He was thrilled to have a good chase. He thought this was his chance to get away on foot.

Well, on all fours. Tucker saw no challenge, but he was patient.

Then went in for the kisses. Getting plenty of foot sugar. Tyler was laughing so hard he could barely crawl.

Tucker was getting plenty of kisses. Tyler bumped his head three times, he was laughing so much though I don't think he noticed. All he knew was he had no where to run.

The game had ended for Tucker and he went about his business, but Tyler wanted to keep playing so Tony tried teaching him how to call for him by making kissing noises. This, is how Tyler makes kissing noises.

These few pictures were all that I was able to get of the kissing face. It was hilarious. He made the noise though. I am so proud of him. He could have said a complete sentence and I could not be more proud.

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