Friday, April 22, 2011

Hiding Easter Eggs

Well not really hiding. More like picking up and carrying them around.

We just dumped the eggs out all over the yard.

He would pick up two, then when he would come to another egg, he would drop one and pick up the new one. This continued for a while.

Luckily, the ground was soft and even the ones he threw did not bust.

How do you like our basket/tub?

Tyler preferred this way of picking up eggs. Just figures. We actually paid money for the baseball basket.

The butter container made noise when you shook the eggs around in it.

Papa and Tyler went to work on collecting those eggs.

They made progress and collected around 6 or 7 eggs.

Tyler would then turn around and dump them.

I tried to get him to put them in his nice Easter basket but the butter tub was much more fun.

So I collected a few eggs in the basket. I felt sorry for it.

This tree behind me has been in Mamaw's yard forever, but it is looking a little sickly. It is sad to think it may have to be cut in the next few years. We always hid eggs around the base of it or on the huge knot that had formed on the outside of it.

Papaw Brigmon came out to play with us. Tyler thought about giving him an egg but never relinquished it completely. He gave Tyler a chocolate anyways.

Not all the eggs made it through the fun. This one fell victim to being stepped on.

We then posed for pictures or at least tried. This is the only one where the majority of people were looking at the camera. Tyler was watching the cars drive past.

I heard slurping as I was taking a picture. The dog ate the broke egg. Gross.

Uncle Ronnie came out to play too. He was comparing his belly to Tyler's.

Tony and me.

Tony, me, and Tyler.

Happy Easter everyone! Have a wonderful holiday. Thank God for all of His blessings, hide some eggs, and enjoy being with your family.

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