Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gardening and Playing in the Dirt

We went about our afternoon setting out our lettuce, salad mix, mesculin, cabbage (thanks Adam), and brocolli. We were thrilled that the weather was improving enough for us to do so. Tony has worked so hard getting the beds ready for being planted.

I am excited about this garden and not paying a $1 for one tomatoe at the store. I plan on having so many tomatoes that I will be busy canning and giving them away.

Tyler did his part too. He gave them some extra dirt sprinkled on top.

He worked hard loosening up the soil for the plants to go into the ground.

Then the little booger turned around and picked some of the lettuce. He is an impatient gardener.

You can see the lettuce leaf in his hand. We had to take the flat from him. He does have a shovel in his hand and more damage could have been sustained.

I think he was sorry though. He tried to give us the leaf back. I hope the plants are able to make it through the first few weeks of his curiosity. I love to see him digging in the dirt beside his daddy. Playing in the watering can, and just being an inquisitive boy.

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