Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dying Easter Eggs

Tony and I had not dyed Easter Eggs since... well we could not remember right off. We were pretty excited.

Tyler wasn't into it at first. He was throwing his plastic eggs and having fun.

I think Tony was trying to tell us something?

So we decided to help.

We knew it would be hard for him to not throw this egg after playing with the plastic eggs.

The minute Tony put it in his hand he threw it. Luckily, Tony has quick hands and caught it before it hit the counter or floor. Tyler thought this was awesome!
So we told him to hold onto it and drop it very easy into the cup.

I look forward to the day he knows what "easy" means.

He has quiet the aim. He threw it before we could even get the cup near him, and he got it in the cup (the red cup)! Once again he was all giggles and reached for another egg.

He dyed at least half of his eggs.

Dad had to fish them out though. We figured it would be a catastrophe if we let him do this. What a colorful mess we made.

Not all the eggs made it through the process without a crack. This was the one he threw in the cup. There was another egg in the cup and it landed on top of it. We had two or three with cracks from being tossed into the cups. I think they have the most character.

Tyler went back to throwing his plastic eggs, but now with evidence that he had been dying eggs.

Look at the small pink dot in between his eyes. I scrubbed and scrubbed at bath time to get that food coloring off.

His egg kit came with dinosaurs to place the eggs on. Kinda cute and unnecessary considering all Tyler wants to do is throw them.

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