Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Working and Playing in the Mud: Part I

We prepared for a long weekend of work. I was cooking supper and Tyler would run back and forth into the house and back out to watch Tony move fallen trees and limbs. He loves his dad so much and he was not happy to leave the tractor parked in our drive.

He watched and happily ran around on the porch.

On Saturday, the weather was beautiful and we broke out the shorts and sunscreen. Tony started burning the brush that we had collected and we tore into cleaning the basement. It had been a disaster for far too long and we were in need of a little bit of organization.
Tyler enjoyed dragging out the brooms and the water hose.

Then he found where the water hoses were attached. What fun.

I asked him what he was doing and he just grunted and went back to playing with the water.

He tried moving the hose but it was just too much to handle.

So he dug into the mud and rocks.

This was a first for him. Kid's love dirt regardless, I can't wait to sit down in the mud and play with him soon. I never grew up, I still love mud.

He even sampled a little bit. Mud pies are more fun to make than eat.

He wiped it off his lips.

"Mom, why did you let me eat that?"

Work is fun when you get to do it right beside your baby playing in the mud.

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