Thursday, March 24, 2011

Working and Playing in the Mud: Part 2

Tyler took a nap and I reorganized some of the cleaning supplies, paint, and other hazardous materials in a cabinet that we can lock. Once he was awake he was wide open again. He watched dad use gloves to move the wood for our raised bed garden.

Of course he had to put it on and squint just like his daddy. The first time he put the glove on it was on the correct hand. By the time I fetched my camera it had fell off and he put it on the wrong hand. 

He was everywhere. We finished half of what we set out to accomplish that day, but I will say we laughed and played plenty to make up for it.

We about had the garden built when he found the cup of ice water. He guzzled it down to nothing but ice.

Let me tell you what he is doing in each picture because we laughed at him the whole time.

Above: He is swinging the cup back and forth singing arow, arow, arow (translation: arow means around)

I think he is asking me if I want some. I'm guessing.

Then he proceeds to drink more.

Here he is dribbling the water out of his mouth and down his belly.
Tractor noises.

More tractor noises.

He is telling me the water is really cold and he likes it a lot.

Let me tell you what happens right after this picture.

I snap the picture and turn around to put the camera down so we can finish building the garden frame. As I do so he trips coming into the basement and ice flies everywhere. I step over to pick him up and get him some fresh water out of the spigot to tide him over while we finish. I kick the ice out into the drive, and turn back to helping Tony.

As I turn back to watch Tyler, I see him set his cup down and go to pick up the ice. I tell him not too, that it is dirty, but he is determined to do what ever he wants. He walks over and starts putting the ice and the dirt that covers it into his cup. I tell him no but that only speeds him up when he sees me walking toward him.

I dump the water out thinking that will keep him from drinking mud while we carry the planting bed out to the backyard. When we walk back around the corner and start talking about supper we turn around to see our son scavaging what little ice cubes he can find and putting them into his empty cup and turning it up trying to drink them. I am horrified but I laugh.

Really? What's a little more dirt?

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