Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend with Family

We had a very busy weekend. It was very enjoyable. We visited grandparents and great grandparents and had the best time with Tyler.

Sometimes you let life get a little too busy and it just gets out of hand. We recognized this and decided to take much needed time and visit with my grandparents and Tyler's great-grandparents.

This is Tyler's Great-Grandmother Jolene, or Mamaw as we call her. She has a beauty shop, Jolene's Beauty Shop, and was working when we visited. I grew up in this shop playing and fixing all her wigs, she let me chop all the hair off of them. She just knew that I would be a hair dresser one day.

Her shop has not changed much since I was little. I am very glad it hasn't because now Tyler gets to experience it the way I did. We used to love to get off of the bus at her house and eat her Oreo cookies and get a Coke out of her Coke Machine.

This is Papaw Brigmon. He is Tyler's Great-Grandfather. When he saw us pull into the drive and go into the shop he came right over to visit with all of us. What is so wonderful about Mamaw's shop is it is right next to her house. 

After we posed for plenty of pictures Tyler was ready to go outside and play. Which I don't blame him one bit. It was gorgeous outside. It was too bad that Mamaw had to work.

Tyler hugged everyone and gave plenty of kisses and we went over to see what was going on at my Mom and Dad's place.

Of course when we got over the house it looked like no one was home, but after looking around on the hill and then down in the barn we found Papa. After a little small talk, Papa took Tyler for a ride on the tractor. Then Mema pulled in.

It looked like we were having a parade. It was such a gorgeous day to be outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Tyler had his tractor going too. Papa thought he was too cute as usual.

As you can see Tyler had found a stick before he went for a ride and he kept a death grip on it.

Once again he started up his tractor and Papa just had to take him on another round. Once they got him back up to the house, Papa showed him how the wood splitter worked.

By the time we got home the little booger was worn out. He went to sleep pretty quick and his hair was a mess when he woke up. He had quiet the appetite too. He crammed animal cracker after animal cracker in his mouth. It was a long day full of so much fun.

Yes this is still the same day can you believe it? We went for a wagon ride and then pulled out his push car.

We pushed this car back and forth in the driveway. He did about 10 laps while dad went to the grocery store for us.

When Sunday rolled around we were off on the road again. This time to see Tyler's Great-Grandmother Betty, or as we call her Nanny. She is in a rehab/nursing facility because she has a fractured hip.

We went with Uncle Jay to visit her. Uncle Jay had made a nice photo album with pictures of Nanny's new puppy Farley. She had him for only a few weeks when she fell and had to go to the hospital. She misses him so much.

She looked at the pictures over and over again, showing Tyler and telling him all about Farley.

Tyler thought it was so funny and made funny faces and laughed. He loves puppy dogs too.

Nanny is such a sweet and tough lady. In the past 3 years she has been through a lot. She had to have all her teeth removed to have surgery and radiation for cancer. Then she had to go to Winston-Salem to have another operation. Just 2 months ago she was in the hospital again for stomach ulcers. She fell 2 weeks ago and now she is having to have therapy to heal and get home. I hope one day I am just a pinch as tough as she is. She is determined and set in her ways and we love her so much for being just that.

She misses Papaw Banks, Farley, and her piano. She told us that the therapist let her play the piano. She thought he liked rock-n-roll so she played him Elvis's Heart Break Hotel. Such a show off.

The therapist was doing a lot of exercises with her like a bike machine, walking, washing the dishes, and folding clothes. I asked her if he paid her for doing so much work for them and she laughed and said, "No, he probably should have though."

Tyler wanted to show off too, so he grabbed the walker and demonstrated for Nanny how to walk around the room.

We could have stayed all day, but we needed to go home so Tyler could get a nap. We kissed Nanny good-bye and waved bye to Uncle Jay.

Such a full weekend, but somehow we got it all in. We even had time to play with Tucker and walk around outside and enjoy the afternoon.

We are blessed with such a wonderful family. We love you each and everyone

*I am not a super hero, this was a week ago. I have more updates on our recent weekend coming. Just wanted to clarify.

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