Monday, March 14, 2011

Tyler's 14 Month Stats

Bedtime: You are sleeping beautifully through the night. Only occasionally do you wake up, and I think that is because you are teething. You are still waking up early but you are moving closer to the 7:00 a.m. time slot. Most of the time you wake up happy and point to your toys ready to play. There are some mornings though I don't really know what you want and you cry and fuss until we get some food in your tummy.

Naps: You still like to take short naps in the morning and a longer nap in the afternoon.

Meals: Meals have turned into a struggle of the wills. Mommy is not as patient as Daddy sometimes and this can make everyone unhappy. I just want you to eat healthy meals, that is why I insist you try everything. You have learned to spit things out too. Just because I get it in your mouth does not mean that is where it will remain. You get really upset sometimes if I try too hard feeding you. Usually if we give you a break and then try again you will eat. We are slowly figuring this out, you just want to have a say in your meals too. Your favorite foods are scrambled eggs, bagels with cream cheese, orange juice, chicken nuggets, cereal, spagetti, tortellini soup, and graham crackers and peanut butter.

Developmental Milestones and "Firsts": You are a little ham. You walk around the house jabbering really loud and then stopping to dance, even though there is no music. You have really started to climb. We have to be careful where we leave toys because you will climb to get higher. You know what is off limits and I will catch you staring at the dog bowl or remote shaking your head no then grabbing for it. You are now feeding yourself with a fork. Sometimes you will get a little frustrated and put the food on the fork then feed yourself, and you don't always like when I help you.

Words and Talking: You have started yelling really loud now. No longer are you my quiet little boy. You talk to your toys now too. You love looking at yourself in the full length mirror and say Ty Ty Ty Ty, kissing yourself, then backing up a little to watch your self dance. You chase Tucker around squealing and trying to hug him. We ask you what certain things sound like and you will imitate them, like a tractor, a horse, and a dog. You also will imitate a cow by sticking out your tongue over and over like they do. We try to get you to say Papa but you will only whisper it.

Growth: You have 12 teeth and more coming in. I have not weighed or measured your height. You are getting taller and leaner. The baby rolls are slowly disappearing and this makes me so sad.

Favorite Toys and Things to do: You still love to unplug your nightlight. You now have a train table that is loads of entertainment for you. The train track is so much fun for you to watch and listen too. You love to dance and sometimes it sounds like you are singing while you dance. We play in the floor hiding from each other in the play room and in the kitchen. I keep poking my head out so you can see me and you laugh hysterically as you come to get me. We can play this forever.

Clothing/Diaper sizes: You are still wearing size 4 diapers. You are still wearing some of your 12 month pants but we are transitioning you into 18 month clothes. You are wearing size 5 shoes and you love to stomp and make noise in the house or outside on the ground. You also love to look at other peoples shoes and will try to put them on or carry them to other rooms in the house.

Funny Things that you do: You love to help with folding the laundry; you will grab the clothes and lick them then throw them outside the basket. You try to lick all the clean clothes before I can fold them. I have no idea what started this or what you think you are doing but it is so funny. I guess you are pretending to be a cow.

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