Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Playing Fetch with Tucker

Tyler is in love with Tucker.

And Tuckers squeaky toys.

We are trying to make Tyler realize that even though Tucker will chase you for a little while to get the toy, you eventually have to throw it for him so he does not lose interest.

Tyler loves being chased and mom and dad are his safe place to run too. I love this.

He loves that Tucker will try to get the toy from him and he has a giggle fit.

Squeak- Squeak- "Come-on Tuck!"

"Come-on, you gotta chase me now."

Off he runs with Tucker hot on his heels.

He runs back in and now Tucker has the toy.

He thinks Tucker will chase even without the toy.

"Oh yeah, thanks dad, I forgot."

And off they go again. Tyler was laughing so hard he could barely turn around.

He loves doing this.

Tucker was becoming a little tired of the chase though.

We had to end the game when Tyler came back around the corner with the toy in his mouth. Gross.

I immediately started Tyler's bath and brushed his teeth.

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