Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On His Scooter

I think I have mentioned before that he is growing way too fast. Also I have mentioned that  he learns new things daily. Well he now knows how to get on and off of his scooter.

This was taken in September when he was about 9 months old. He has the balance to sit on it but he cannot get on and off. He could not even walk at this point.

Now look at him. Such a big boy sitting on his scooter.

He can get on and off and he needs no help from mom or dad.

He still drools constantly. I really hope he outgrows that soon. I'm sure he goes through 30 or more bibs a week.

Now when it comes to getting on to the scooter he really only uses the right leg. It cracks me up because he gets on backwards.

Kinda makes it hard.

He realizes that something is wrong or he just wants to turn around. I'm sure he likes this way too because he can play with the other parts of the scooter on the back.

He tried getting back on a few times on this side but he could not figure out why it was wrong each time. So he studied for a few more seconds and realized he needed to go to the other side.

His dominate leg was used and he got on the proper side. He showing his right side is more dominate but he is still throwing with his left arm some. We are trying to encourage him to throw with both. Maybe we can train him to be ambidextrous.

It will not be too long and he will be propelling himself forward instead of backwards.

Such a little show off.

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