Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Learning to Play on His Own

I was working in the kitchen and realized something was just not right? I looked around to check my surroundings and think about what was wrong. Then I realized, I didn't have a little boy clinging to my pant leg and begging me to entertain him.

I try to encouraging him to play on his own, but most of the time he will not even think of doing so until he sees me sitting on the floor in the corner. I don't necessarily need to be playing with him. He just likes to know that I am on his level and there is a back up in case he gets bored.

So when I saw that he was not with me or Tony I started feeling a little panicked. I ran from room to room looking for him. I looked in his play room and found him.

I didn't say anything because he was so adorable. I could hear him making tractor noises and jabbering.

I went running for the camera.

I snapped the first picture then he turned around and smiled for the next.

I came in and asked what he was doing and he placed his little person in the tractor and showed me how to drive the tractor. He was so proud.

He then started to chatter about ... well I am not really sure.

Then he started up the tractor again and pushed me out of the way.

 I love that he is beginning to realize that he can play on his own without mom. I don't expect him to do this all the time and I love showing him new things, but I am enjoying my child free minutes while I cook. Just last night he played the whole time while I cleaned the kitchen and talked to Tony.

We checked on him occasionally and he would come check on us too. It is comforting to all to be near each other yet doing our own thing. After all the dishes and counters were clean we wrestled in the floor as a family and had the best time. We had such a good time that we did not even realize that it was his bedtime.

I love our growth and development as a family.

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