Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Food Challenge

Tyler used to willingly eat whatever I placed on a spoon. He definitely showed more interest in somethings over others,  but with being able to shake his head no and the power of choice and preference, I now have a much harder child to feed.

There have been tears. There have been times of both us holding our breath, never at the same time.

I don't know what to blame it on exactly. Things he used to eat with so much excitement not so much. Then there are the surprise things that he would not eat earlier he all of the sudden loves.

Just the other night he made a meal off of a pickle and a cracker fed to him only by his dear daddy. I had tried to get him to eat for 20 tear filled minutes. He fed himself the same bean twice only to cry and spit it out both times. He fed it to himself and still cried! I was beyond exasperated.

Sometimes he just needs his fork and to feel as though he is doing it all himself. He does not want to be fed by anyone. He just wants it placed in front of him. Other times he will play with what is in front of him and will only be fed from a separate plate.

Then there are times, I can sneak in a bite of something else that maybe he refused earlier.

Then there are special times, which are becoming more frequent, that he will eat for Dad and not me, or maybe he just does not want to sit in his chair and eat. He wants to be held or he wants to be able to walk between Tony and me alternating who feeds him.

We are slowly figuring him out and trying to set new rules, but there are also times where I have no clue, and out of frustration, I feel like sticking my head in the oven. Then he comes over takes a bite and lays his head in my lap to give me some love.


All is forgiven and I am a happy mother all over again with a perfectly adorable child, who has funny eating habits. 

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