Friday, March 11, 2011

Climbing into the Fridge

Tyler loves to try and see what we are doing at all times. Whether that be loading the dishwasher, grabbing pans out of the lazy susan cabinet, pulling rice or flour out of the pantry, putting clothes in the washer and dryer, or in this case putting away leftovers in the dishwasher.

He has been climbing on anything that he can throw a foot up on, and as his dad was moving a few things around to make room Tyler found a way inside.

He usually goes for the jar of jalapenos or the Texas Pete bottle in the door.

This time though he was on a mission to get into the fridge. It was a success.

With dad standing close by he realized that he was inside but now he needed to get out, so we let him think it through and figure out the best way to go about getting back out. The inside of the fridge was not as interesting as he thought it was going to be.

He figured it out with no help from us and he was so happy he danced for us.

Now for more dangerous and steep terrain to conquer...the dishwasher!

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