Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Being Alone, Fear of the Unknown, and Trying New Things

Tyler amazes me everyday at how much he grows and changes. He learns at such an extrodinary rate and adapts so well.

I mentioned in another post he has his play room now, and it is providing plenty of time for him to learn and be on his own. It was only a few weeks ago he would freak out a little when he realized I had left the room.

As I snapped pictures of him playing alone in his room he never even looked my way. He was in his own little world. It is a relief for me to know that I don't have to entertain him every second now.

You know how it is with attention spans and the room got old. He was off rolling his ball around next and it went under the table. I will just say that in the past he has bumped his head numerous times on the table (perfect height to catch the top of his noggin but out of his view), so he is a little scared of the table now.

It is usually once he finds himself in under the table that he is scared. He is so focused on getting the object that has rolled underneath that he forgets where he is crawling.

Then he looks around and he is under the thing that always seems to bump him in the head when he is too close. Here he is looking to his dad to get him out from under it.

My goodness he has a long tongue.

He fusses at us because we are not coming to his rescue, but we decided to try and teach him how to get out himself. Memaw and Papaw have to do this a lot too during the day, so we figured it would be a help to all to try to give him instructions on how to get out from under the table by hisself.

He didn't listen at first.

And then he fussed some more at us.

So Dad got on his level and gave him incentive to crawl out by rolling his ball and telling him to get back down and crawl out. You can see he does not like this idea at all.

But he listens and calmly crawls out.

He is so happy to be reunited with his ball. He ended up giving it a few more licks and kisses he was so happy.

We hope the lesson sticks.

He was just on a roll for learning and experiencing new things, so he went over to try and walk in mom's shoes. It was just too much, haha. Just kidding.

He would put his foot in and take it back out over and over. He thought it was great that he was doing it all by his self. He loves carrying them off and putting them in his toy box. This was funny that he was instead trying them on now.

We are constantly entertained by his new antics. From day to day we never know how he will view something. I believe it will not be long until he will absolutely love our kitchen table and be playing under it all the time as his fort or castle.

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