Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alternating Sippy Cups

Milk and water are stand by liquids that are consumed by Tyler. He needs to stay hydrated and he loves both luckily.

I'm not overly picky with other drinks but I do want him to stay away from too much sugar and no form of soft drinks for now. Especially those with caffeine. I try to give him a choice though and that is the point. Milk? Water? Juice?
It is rare that he has his choice of drinking both at the same time, but we laughed at him the other day as he alternated between milk (in the orange cup) and water (in the blue cup).

He had just woke from his nap and was probably a little thirsty. I told him he could go get his water in the kitchen. Then I thought, well he may enjoy a cup of milk instead, so I went into the kitchen and fixed him a cup milk.

After I gave him his milk he found his water bottle. He listens really well sometimes because he drank both for me. He would take a large sip of milk and chase it with water.

Such a funny kid.

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