Friday, February 4, 2011

Widing in the Wed Wagon

His red wagon had not been put to use yet. When the weather improved over the weekend we were thrilled to pull it out of the house and take it for a spin.

At first I could not coax a smile out. He was concentrating pretty hard on watching the wheels and his cousins ride around on their bikes and razor scooters.

Finally he showed his approval with a little smile for Dad.

Once again he is more concerned about his cousins. He just loved watching them go back and forth and show off.

Once we stopped we let him run around in our side yard. He was a little attached to the wagon at first.

Then cousin Adam pulled it a little out of reach to give him a challenge.

The little booger has very little experience walking outside because of the extreme cold and the constant wet soggy ground. Now that he is a more experienced walker with better balance this was no problem.

He could here the grass crunch under his feet and would stop to examine the grass that he was walking on. The last time he walked in grass he was bare foot and it was super green.

We slowly would pull the wagon further and further from him.

He loved the challenge and started going faster and faster as he adapted to the terrain change.

He would still stop and check out the distance and look around his yard. He had not been down here in a while. I am already planning the Bocce tournaments and Croquet games for the summer and fall.

Look at that determination. He will figure it all out. Just give him a minute.

When he finally caught the wagon at the other end of the yard he was ready to do the pulling.


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