Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Soapy Mouth

I try.

Why is it the more you try the more likely you will fail?

Bath time is getting increasingly hard. He loves to splash and sit in the water for as long as possible. He has figured out how to scoop water then dump it out of the bath tub into the floor. He likes to stand and play with the spout. The plug to the bath tub is now very easy to pull open and let out the water too.

When it comes to washing him he is pretty easy except for when I must wash his lower half. I work from head to toe. When I pick him up to stand he is still trying to scoop water and bend over. He knows mom will not let him fall so I am holding him with one hand and trying to wash with the other.

I have dunked him a few times because I am paying attention to what I am washing and well it is just difficult to hold a squirming wet child that has soap all over him.

Over the weekend I realized maybe I am too focused on what I am doing. I was tired too okay.

Once again he was wiggling and trying to get to his squirt toy floating by, or so I thought. As I sat him back down in the water to rinse I noticed he was foaming at the mouth and it had just a hint of green. I wiped his mouth thinking I had accidentally wiped his face with the washcloth.

Then I saw the bar of soap in the water with teeth marks. That is when I realized he had tried to take a bite out of the soap. A big bite! I had to grab another washcloth to try to get some of the soap out.

Poor baby washed his mouth out with soap.

Come on mom, focus, pay attention!

He really was clean from head to toe this time.


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