Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Situation Got Out of Control

I had the best idea with finger painting. Put him in his highchair. Genius!

That way I can keep him in one spot and control the mess.

Oh wait.

How does it manage to move up to his mouth? I was trying so hard to keep this controlled but fun.

He liked it and really began to understand that he could make a mess.

You don't realize how much he touches his mouth until his fingers have paint.

The minute I try to take a picture of the process of his art work he decides to touch his mouth again.

I tell him no not your mouth, so of course he thinks, oh you mean my ear.

I tell him no again and he goes back to his mouth. 

I could feel the chaos creeping in. He was getting a rise out of me and he was enjoying it.

I tried to reinforce that the paper was for painting not him.

You mean...

like this?
Or like this? 

At this point, I was throwing the camera down to grab his hands and get him out of his highchair.

He was smirking.

He smirked the whole time I tried to clean him up.

Dad is so funny.

He's got enough reinforcement now that he thinks his finger paint is face paint. I gasp and make funny faces. Why would he want to paint the other way? Not to mention that Dad was laughing the whole time.

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