Monday, February 28, 2011

Playing Trains with Daddy

We set up a play room for Tyler this past weekend. His room and my living room were filling a little too quickly with toys. They were piling up so much so that I could not find places to put them, and Tyler could not really enjoy them.

We received this train table from a friend and we had yet to set it up for Tyler. He was thrilled he had very little train toys and we love hand-me-downs.

Please ignore that he is half dressed and has a dingy bib with grape jelly on it. He just was not going to wait any longer to see what dad was building. Pants had to wait.

Dad started showing him how the crane worked. The magnets were very interesting.

So far the room is a success and Tyler enjoys it so much. I love having my house clean and this is a great arrangement for everyone.


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