Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mommy Guilt and My Treatment

Hello... my name is Regina... and I am a mother that suffers from mommy guilt.

I work a full-time job and work so hard to give my child one-on-one time with me and daddy, clean the house, cook meals, laundry, visit and help our extended family, maybe workout, and I would love to read a book other than a cookbook. I'm getting a haircut today and I feel guilty.
I constantly wonder if something is absolutely necessary because I could be spending that time with Tyler and Tony. Mommy guilt comes in many forms and I am getting better with mine.

I love having this drawer in the kitchen so he can drag out things that are fun and play while I cook. In these pictures I just finished cleaning up the dishes. I love having him close and although I may not play with him every second I just like being able to watch him play.
This drawer is a sort of treatment for my mommy guilt. Tyler thinks it is for him. He has all sorts of toys, spoons, and other odd things that get tossed in to keep it fresh and new. He loves opening the drawer and showing me all the different things while I cook.

Obviously he finds me hilarious, and we are off to continue my treatment. It is tickle time and it is such a stress reliever. Who doesn't love a baby giggling and getting hiccups.

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