Tuesday, February 22, 2011

He Grows and Breaks My Heart

I look at my little boy and I see with everyday that he is growing taller and leaner. Those little cheeks are still adorable and oh so sweet but he is just growing straight up and down. I miss the little baby rolls. He still has a few but they are disappearing fast.

Look at him coming around the corner carrying his balloon. If he did not have the bib on he would look like a 5 year old! I am tearing up just thinking about him growing.

Look at this sweet little boy face. He is in his overhauls and cute little tennis shoes, and I just can't get over how tall he is getting. The fact that he has a mouth full of teeth and such an adorable smile... oh there is such a deep pain in my chest.

I can't breath...

I can ask him questions like, " Where did Mema and Papa go?" He then turns around and goes to the door that they left from and knocks and waves. His comprehension amazes me.

I can ask him for a kiss, and he comes to me, leans forward, so I can kiss his forehead.

I have to stop being so sentimental with some of this stuff but everything reminds me that time is not standing still. Also it breaks Tyler's heart when I cry, that makes me upset, and then we are both snotty nosed crying messes.


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